True House Partners launches new service for family offices

Covid-19 has upended the global status quo: whole tranches of industry are closed for business and Governments worldwide have allocated more than $15trillion to their budgets to stabilise economies.  This will precipitate significant changes to society.  The uncertainty is profound, and organisations will need to adapt.True House Partners has...

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family office executive recruitment

Family Office Hiring Guide

There is no place to hide in a family office for employees who can’t pull their weight – and for those hiring on behalf of family offices, finding the best possible person for a role is of paramount importance. Not only for their ability to...

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family office executive recruiter

How the world’s wealthiest keep it in the family

The world’s richest families, disillusioned with traditional wealth management, are taking matters into their own hands. Lucy Loewenberg reports on the rise of the family office. In medieval times, royals appointed a steward who was responsible for managing their wealth, domestic staff and household affairs. This...

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“Prospering Post-Brexit”

Interesting article by Alex Wade who heads up Knightsbridge Wealth someone who voted to remain in Europe, I  take a less sanguine view on the effects of BREXIT particularly in relation to the amount of investment the UK has lost whilst we establish our...

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